Appliance Trends in 2020

It’s out with the old year and in with the new! If your appliances need to follow the same pattern, we have some great ideas for you in 2020. When deciding whether or not to replace your appliances, consider the age, repair costs, energy efficiency, and longevity, plus features that you gain with new appliances. In the new year, appliance manufacturers have brought new ideas and new features that may take us months to unveil. Check out just a few of our favorite trends of 2020!

The Color Statement

Viking Tuscany

Color in the kitchen brings that much-needed snap and dazzle to your kitchen’s personality and creates a strong focal point. Manufacturers have truly come of age when building pro ranges in custom colors worthy of your wildest dreams.

Viking has all the colors your imagination contrives with The Delta Hues color system. Select the pro range that fits your cooking style then select from a vast color palette for that totally custom look.

The Science of Ripening & Humidity

Today’s refrigerators are working smarter to keep ingredients fresh and nutritious. We’ve always just believed that storing food cold helps it last longer. But perfect storage comes into play when conditions are specific to the food being stored.

Humidity drawers in a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator

Respiration is the process that keeps fruits and vegetables growing before they’re picked. After harvest, most continue to respire using their own natural sugars, causing them to continue the ripening process and eventually to deteriorate. Colder temperatures can slow respiration, but humidity is often the key for perfect storage. Leafy vegetables should be in a cool, moisture-rich place to prevent wilting. Thin-skinned fruits need less humidity.

The HeatShift Cooktop from Thermador

Thermdor Liberty induction cooktop featuring MoveMode

Induction cooktops are changing the way we cook, offering the benefits of safety and energy efficiency in the kitchen. Thermador goes a step further to dazzle with innovative features like HeatShift, allowing the cook to change the power levels by moving a pan across the cooking zone. It’s a perfect feature for recipes that require multiple heat levels during the cooking process.


Bosch Home Connect

Many appliance manufacturers now offer touch controls and Bluetooth connectivity to keep everything humming for the modern, busy family. Home Connect for Thermador and Bosch allow you to explore recipes and send settings directly to your oven. You can also preheat the oven on your way home from work or enlist the help of your smart home device.

The Convection Steam Oven from Wolf

Wolf Convection Steam Oven

Cooking healthy continues to be a top goal for many families, and cooking with steam allows vegetables and other foods to retain more of their nutrients, colors, textures, and flavors through the process. Add to that the benefits of faster cooking times and less energy use of a convection oven, and the Convection Steam Oven from Wolf is hard to beat. Engineered with a climate sensor, it ensures flavorful results without the guesswork.

If you are ready to go out with your old appliances, we have new ones waiting for you! Come in today to see special pricing and the range of features today’s appliances offer you. We can help you find a perfect match for your budget, your kitchen design, and your lifestyle.

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