Compact Luxury: Recommended Cooking Appliances from Thermador

A true chef can cook in any size kitchen and deserves to have the best the industry has to offer. The size of your kitchen shouldn’t limit the size of your culinary dreams. Thermador believes that every kitchen should be able to be a luxury kitchen—no matter how big or small. Just because you have a compact kitchen with less space, it doesn’t mean you should settle for less cooking power.

Thermador Compacy Luxury Range

Here are our recommended cooking appliances from Thermador, specifically designed for compact kitchens.

  • The 30-inch Range comes as a Dual Fuel Range or as a Gas Range and is Truly Flush Mounted™ with a 24″ standard cabinet depth. With Thermador’s Patented Star® Burner, the flame is 56% longer than round burners of the same size and enables a superior flame spread for even heating while the ExtraLow® setting provides simmer temperature control as low as 100°F. The QuickClean Base® is designed for easy surface cleaning, and you can personalize the look with blue knobs for a custom Thermador touch.
  • The 30-inch Gas Cooktop comes with 5 patented Star® burners, including a center-mounted power burner and 52,000 BTUs of overall heat output, giving you the same functionality of a 36″ cooktop but in a compact kitchen environment. The powerful center burner allows for rapid boiling and high heat searing, and continuous grates allow pots and pans to move effortlessly across the cooktop. The patented Pedestal Star® Burner with QuickClean Base® is designed for easy surface cleaning, reduces food buildup near the base, and contains liquid spills for quick cleaning. With the Patented Pedestal burner, a sponge fits easily underneath to wipe the surface clean.
  • The 30-inch Wall Oven can deliver convection cooking, steam cooking, or combine them both. In order to maximize your space, you can choose doors that open from the top or the left or right side and deliver more design flexibility with flush and standard installation options. SoftClose® hinges prevent slamming and ensure ultra-smooth closing no matter how fast you are moving in your kitchen. Additionally, the self-clean mode cleans interior walls and rack supports in as little as two hours.
  • The 30-inch Under Cabinet Drawer Wall Hood is specially designed for compact kitchens and complements Thermador’s Ranges and Cooktops. Masterpiece® Drawer hoods blend luxury and performance, featuring a sliding canopy that can be pulled forward or pushed back. The Noise Control Technology™ reduces noise up to 35%, and Cooktop Hood Sync enables control through Freedom® Induction Cooktop. The auto function senses the heat from the cooking surface and adjusts the fan speeds.
  • The 24 or 30-inch Built-In MicroDrawer Microwaves deliver exceptional style and are a convenient addition to your home. The large capacity interior can hold a 20-ounce cup or a 13”x9” pan. It comes with 10 Cooking Modes that include melt, warm, and soften. Sensor Cooking controls humidity and automatically adjusts cooking level and time. The flush Installation allows you to achieve a perfectly flush installation in any standard depth cabinetry, and the touch “Open” and “Close” feature eliminates the need for a handle, allowing it to perfectly blend into your compact kitchen.

We believe your cooking power should not be limited by space, and we want to help you find the appliances you need to help you achieve your culinary dreams and even save you money with special offers from Thermador. Come in today to see everything that Thermador has to help increase your cooking power!

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