Drinks, Food, & Fun! Entertaining Outdoors in 2021
outdoor dinner party

Being stuck inside all year has created a high-strung desperation to get outside for a lot of us. Now that summer is here, the grass is getting gorgeously green, outdoor décor is coming out, and everyone is eager to get outside.

As the world shifts back to how it once was and gatherings become more common, you may find yourself entertaining outdoors more often this summer than last. However, as you plan your gatherings, you may still want to keep the safety and comfort of your guests in mind.

Here are 6 ways you can create a memorable ‘normal’, and safe experience for everyone:

Personal Hand Sanitizers

Having individual bottles of hand sanitizer for each guest will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable. You could provide one at each place setting with the guest’s name on it, or place them at the entrance so the guest can grab it right when they walk in.

Self-Serve Bar

Although serving your guests drinks creates a very personal experience, having everyone serve themselves instead means less close contact. Add some decorative signs next to the ingredients and beverages to not only add character but to alleviate any confusion.

Label Drinks

This is a classic party tip. If you’re using glassware, provide glass charms so everyone can easily identify their own drink to prevent germs from being spread. As another option, offer some colored straws or cute decorative stickers to put on drinks that can be labeled and easily differentiated from the others.

Conversation Vignettes

Creating intimate gathering spaces for 2-3 people will not only help reduce the spread of germs, but it helps create very personal and memorable conversations. Try spacing these throughout the patio and garden and add some patterned lanterns for cool lighting with throw pillows and rugs for comfort.

Larger Table with Spaced Out Seating

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your patio furniture and to offer oversized spaces for each guest. You can still fit at the same table but remain a safe distance apart. Sprinkle your table with flowers, succulents, table runners, and lanterns to add style and interest.

Plate Each Meal

Show off your outdoor kitchen by planning a meal that can be plated and served individually. You will eliminate the crowding that often happens around a buffet-style layout and cut down on how many people handle the plates and serving utensils, making your guests feel safer. 

All of this with some bistro lights, bean bag toss, and ladder golf will create an amazing night to remember for everyone.

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