Embrace Your Personality With Customized Home Refrigeration
Thermador Freedom Collection

We know that you have unique needs for refrigeration in your home. No matter what your personality and preferences, this collection features a bold stainless steel interior to give you the freedom you need to customize your refrigeration options. The new Freedom® Refrigeration Collection from Thermador, the iconic American luxury home appliance brand, has exactly what you need.

Thermador Freedom Collection with stainless interior

Handcrafted with premium-grade stainless steel, the new customizable columns offer a wealth of personalization options for every kind of home chef.

  • The daily chef needs a setup designed to fit a wide range of uses. The theater-style lighting provides excellent visibility, and the collection features gentle, quiet gliding Soft-Close drawers and Open Door Assist, which allows for the flexibility to either push or pull to open.
Thermador Freedom Collection lighting
  • The farmer’s market enthusiast who stocks up on locally grown ingredients needs to keep produce crisp all week long. The customizable columns offer the capacity to perfectly preserve every type of ingredient and set the temperature and humidity for different zones. 
  • The preservationist needs ample door shelving options for storing homemade jams, jellies, and pickled vegetables. With the Freedom® Refrigeration Collection, you get customized storage solutions, accommodating gallon bins and uniquely designed delicate produce bins. From storing food right after returning from the market to freezing winter soups for future use, SuperFreeze technology brings contents to the ideal preservation temperature and gets cooler, faster. 
  • The interior designer wants appliances that perfectly fit their design aesthetic. The Freedom® Collection gives you the ability to maintain your layout and cabinetry with appliances built to fit into predetermined openings or completely customized. You can choose between Masterpiece®, Professional or custom panels to get the exact finish you want.
  • The high-tech, early adopter wants smart appliances that are WIFI-enabled. With features like remote temperature settings and notifications through the Thermador Connected Experience, Home Connect™ has all the conveniences you are looking for. A touch screen TFT display panel also controls settings such as individual temperature, lighting, and Open Door Assist.
Thermador Freedom Collection touch screen controls
  • The energy-conscious environmentalist looks for energy efficiency. With Cool Air Flow technology, cold air is evenly distributed throughout all parts of the unit. Ice and water are also now cleaner than ever with the newly redesigned water filter which removes an astonishing 99.9% of sediments. It is so advanced, that it has received certification by NSF, a leading regulatory agency.
  • The entertainer will be in awe of the full-width ice drawers that provide fresh ice all evening long. Featuring a unique shape that melts slower, Thermador Diamond Ice, keeping drinks colder for longer that is perfect for making sure your custom cocktails are always a success.
Thermador Freedom Collection ice drawer
  • For the wine connoisseur, Thermador wine columns can hold 92 bottles or up to 99 bottles with a shelf addition. By offering three refrigeration zones, the columns ensure wines are stored at the optimum temperature and humidity. Wenge wood, diamond dowels cradle each bottle, and a presenter shelf displays your favorite bottles. Under-counter columns offer dual-zone temperature management and UV-resistant tempered glass that protects wine collections from dangerous ultraviolet rays that can cause premature aging to the bottles.
  • For the person who values relaxing in an in-home yoga den or personal retreat or man cave, The Freedom® Refrigeration Collection is also available in Under Counter configurations – perfect for adding convenience to smaller spaces. The collection also includes under-counter wine reserves, allowing you to unwind with a glass of wine in the comfort of the master suite.

No matter what your personality or preference, the Freedom® Refrigeration Collection from Thermador has something for you. Once we know your preferences, we can help you customize these high-quality refrigeration options for your home.

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