Everything You Need for Your Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Entertaining with Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

You know that Lynx is a premier manufacturer for luxury grills. But if you are looking for the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you need more than just a great grill. If you are going to grill outside, why not cook everything you need outside so that you never have to leave the party. Lynx makes a premium grill, but they also offer a wide variety of products to complete your outdoor kitchen and meet all your culinary needs.

Here are some of our must-haves for the complete outdoor kitchen:

Napoli Oven

Lynx Napoli Oven

This is your passport to another realm of outdoor cooking. Enjoy the aromas of a rustic apple cake, rosemary braised lamb shanks, basil pesto flatbread, or even finish your grilled salmon’s garlic sesame sauce into a shimmering glazeall in your backyard. The oven can be built into your kitchen or placed on a countertop or freestanding cart. The Napoli Oven is capable of baking at 700°F and hides an authentic refractory mortar dome beneath its exterior.

Asado Cooktop

A grilled meal has no companion as decadent as one prepared on a flat-top grill—Yangzhou Fan fried rice, a fried pepper and onion topping, or just a mango salsa. The Lynx Asado Cooktop lets you expand your outdoor menu into Asian and fusion dishes. With a quick start and simple clean-up, you might call upon the Asado to add a highlight to every outdoor meal.


Lynx Smoker

Smokers have a long and storied history in the world of outdoor cuisine because the tender texture and deep rich flavor of dishes like smoked swordfish, salmon, or Applewood turkey can inspire you to take your culinary skills to the next level. As part of the Smart Series, the Lynx Sonoma Smoker helps you experience the taste of smoked meat with easy simplicity. Smart technology maintains the optimum temperature and keeps you updated, while the smoker slowly and carefully refines the treasure within.

Side Burners

With small sizes and flexible placements to perfectly capture your side dishes and toppings, Lynx Side Burners complete any outdoor kitchen. Grill summer squash with oil and rosemary, melt a lemon butter sauce for your mahi mahi, or warm a peanut curry sauce for your chicken. Even spectacular entrées can use an extra touch.

Warming Drawers

To keep all of the elements of your outdoor meal warm and ready, Lynx warming drawers offer a generous capacity of safe and steady warmth. You might even find that they’re perfect for warming some plush pool towels while you swim.


Lynx Outdoor Refrigerator

Even when grilling, you can take the time to enjoy a chilled drink, without a trip to the fridge in the house. The Lynx two drawer refrigerator, glass door refrigerator, beverage dispenser, or wine cellar, all built right into your outdoor kitchen, will allow you to do just that.

When you are ready to complete your outdoor kitchen, come see us. We can show you the full line of everything Lynx has to offer so that you can start entertaining family and friends in your own backyard.

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