When you think about going green in your kitchen, it may feel overwhelming. But positive change starts one step at a time. We’ve gathered some great ideas for where you can start this Earth Day. Take a look at these simple ideas and pick one or two to start with. You may even find that you are already doing some.  

Plant an herb garden.

You don’t need a plot of ground to get started with this one. A pot on the porch or in a window box can be the perfect place for an herb garden to begin.

Pick an appliance to replace with an Energy-Star-rated appliance.

This change can really add up over time. You may want to do an energy audit of your entire home using Energy.gov.

Buy an inexpensive, reusable, non-plastic bottle for water.

A reusable bottle keeps plastic bottles out of our landfills. If you do need to use a plastic bottle, be sure to recycle instead of throwing it in the trash.

Use reusable grocery bags.

You can find fashionable and unique options for this everywhere. Or you can make your own using materials you already have. A trick for remembering to use them is to put them in your trunk as soon as you empty them. That way they are ready whenever you need them.

Support your local economy by shopping at a farmer’s market or participating in a CSA.

You get a higher quality food as well as encourage biodiversity in your local environment when you shop at a farmer’s market or participate in a CSA. For a list of farmer’s markets near you, check out DaytonLocal.com.

Use cloth instead of paper.

Replacing paper towels with cloth rags made from materials you already have can be very economical. You can also use cloth napkins for your meals instead of paper ones.

Waste less food.

Americans throw away about 40% of the food we produce. Reduce waste by storing food properly and by saving and eating leftovers. One week a month, do the pantry challenge and skip the weekly grocery shopping. See how creative you can get with what you already have in your pantry and freezer.

If we all take one or two small steps, they will add up to make a big difference for our planet. If we can help you replace an appliance with a more energy-efficient model, come in to see us today!