Jaw-dropping Refrigeration You Need to Consider

Standard refrigeration configurations can make your kitchen feel inefficient. With a single unit housing all of your perishables, it is hard to maintain the ideal environment for the variety of chilled or frozen foods you use. Plus, we all know the refrigerator is the most likely spot for a traffic jam to develop in the kitchen. Designing a new kitchen is the perfect time to think outside the standard side-by-side box and consider breaking up your cooling appliances based on use and placement. Here are some fresh ideas on refrigeration appliances for your home.

Sub-Zero column refrigeration


Columns add a new level of versatility to your kitchen design. Since your refrigerator and freezer are no longer in the same unit, you gain more cubic feet of fresh or frozen food storage and new options for placement. Along with increased storage capacity and fewer grocery runs, you could opt to put the freezer in the butler’s pantry to gain more cabinet storage in the main kitchen or disguise these units with custom door panels to blend in with your cabinetry. Most columns offer varying temperature zones to maximize food preservation and energy-saving features like only cooling or defrosting the appliance when needed to save energy.

Sub-Zero refrigerated drawers

Refrigerated Drawers

Drawers are a great place to allocate juice and snacks so your family and friends can still have access to the kitchen but not get in the way of any cooking. Best suited for base cabinets on the outer edge of the kitchen, this will reserve more of your refrigerator storage for main dishes and fresh foods, as well as keeping crowds out of the kitchen.

Most refrigerated drawers offer varying temperature zones so you can make adjustments depending on if you are storing snacks, wine, or frozen foods. As a built-in appliance, many also offer panel-ready versions to blend in with your cabinetry. 

KitchenAid Beverage Center

Beverage Centers

Used for storing drinks from canned beverages, flavored waters, and wine, beverage centers can be placed almost anywhere in your home. But don’t think these smaller units are limited to placement in bars and islands. This kind of convenience would also be right at home in a home office, a master suite, or a media room. Offered in a single or dual-zone configuration to keep drinks chilled at different temperatures, you get to choose what fits your needs, and everyone will thank you for it.

Unique refrigeration options like these and others allow you to create a kitchen designed specifically for how you cook and live in your kitchen. Visit our showroom for more expert recommendations for your space or to discover even more available cooling options. 

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