Kitchen Trends Post-Covid

Welcome to the ’20s! As we embrace all the COVID-influenced changes to how we live, work, and entertain (or don’t), homeowners are taking an even closer look at how they use the room already considered the heart of the home. Some trends that were already emerging – like smart appliances and additional food storage – have accelerated as we settled in at home. Other trends are emerging as homeowners really evaluate how their kitchen feels and functions for their home and family.

Anything but white & Stainless, please!

An all-white kitchen with sleek stainless appliances is a classic choice. But homeowners’ desire to put a personal stamp on their kitchen has created a demand for more variety in colors and finishes – darker countertops, painted cabinets, diverse tile designs, mixed metals, and moody paint colors. When it comes to appliances, manufacturers are offering an array of finishes that complement this trend. Darker or brighter finishes are becoming more common – everything from blacks, smoke grays, reds, even bronze-tinged dark browns and textures from sleek glass to matte finishes, and everything in between. If you’re after a pop of color, luxury manufacturers such as Fisher & Paykel and Dacor offer custom color options.

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Your appliance is smarter than your 4th grader

Smart appliances that were once only for early-adopters are entering the mainstream as we discover the combination of convenience and safety they offer. Manufacturers like Thermador offer appliances that work with voice assistants for touchless control, meaning fewer germs on handles, knobs, and control panels. Refrigerators from Liebherr and others include internal cameras to help you keep track of what’s inside – making it easier to update your grocery list. 

Bosch Home Connect

The creative, healthier, and safer kitchen

More homeowners are embracing the joy of cooking or baking, and they’re looking for appliances that can elevate their creativity and healthier cooking in the kitchen. Combination Ovens with advanced steam cooking options are gaining popularity as people discover the benefits of combining steam and convection cooking. Cooking with steam delivers a moist, flavorful interior while the even heat distribution of convection cooking creates the perfectly crisp exterior. The combination is perfect for preparing moist fish, flavorful roasted vegetables, and even that elusive perfect sourdough loaf.

Induction cooking is another feature that has been available for a while but continues to gain in popularity as homeowners discover the benefits. Using an invisible electromagnetic force to generate heat, cooking with induction provides precise temperature control for faster cooking. The fact that there’s no heating element or flame also gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that there’s less risk of little hands getting burned when reaching for that shiny pot on the stove. 

Jenn Air induction cooktop

Diversify your cold storage portfolio

Kitchen designers report that pantries and larders are making a comeback as we store more to cook more at home. The need for proper storage for fresh food has also increased the demand for refrigeration. With Column Refrigeration, the size, placement, and configuration of refrigerators and freezers can all be customized for your space and lifestyle. As entertaining at home becomes the norm, adding designated wine and beverage storage is also gaining popularity. 

SubZero Column Refrigeration

If the latest trends in kitchens are turning your head and you’re wondering if you’re ready for new appliances, we can help. Whether you are rethinking your current space and functionality or planning a brand new kitchen, our team of experts can help guide you to the perfect appliances for your home. Call us at 937.534.1105 to schedule a private appointment, or visit our showroom to explore the latest in premium and luxury kitchen appliances. 

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