We know that you are all about the details. You want luxurious living with local craftsmanship quality. You also have a taste for high-quality foods cooked with tools crafted by those who know their art. You are looking for the newest technology designed and implemented by edgy thinkers who are determined to elevate culinary art, no matter what’s being prepared. You don’t just want a standard outdoor kitchen; you want a professional outdoor kitchen.
Lynx Professional kitchen
Lynx Grills offers you this quality in all their products, especially their professional grills. Here are some of the features that can take you from standard to professional:
  • A Lynx Trident™ Infrared Burner directly heats the grate beneath your food with 23,000 BTUs of intensive heat. With temperature control that’s instantaneous, it’s the method employed by the world’s leading chefs. Traditional grill burners are hard to control because they cook by heating the air around your food. But the Trident™ Infrared Burner gives you complete and instant control.
Lynx All Trident Infrared with stuffed fish
  • The Lynx ceramic burner is made from cordierite ceramic, a material chosen for kilns and commercial ovens because of the temperatures that it endures. Traditional grill burners are inconsistent because their metal changes as they cook. They suffer when extreme heat expands and contracts the metal, loosening bonds over time. In standard grills, food residue clogs ports or corrosive outdoor weather degrades the material, but the ceramic burners withstand all kinds of conditions.
  • The hand-crafted design also sets these grills apart. Every sheet of metal is formed into a solitary, seamless body of steel, free of gaps and seams where moisture could collect. Hand-tooled, precision welded, and polished by skilled specialists, each and every grill is inspected before it leaves the floor. We don’t use mechanical fasteners that can degrade over time, so we know that our grills will perform consistently and outlast any standard grill.
  • The Lynx Rotisserie has a dedicated burner, selectable positions, and selectable speeds to ensure you have a full range of options. With the optional Lynx Rotisserie Basket, you can carefully cook smaller dishes and sides while preparing a main—you can even roast your own coffee beans.
Lynx Professional kitchen
  • An expansive grilling surface provides greater depth, extending to more than 20 inches deep on most models. With three different burner configurations, you can also customize your grill heat sources so that you can cook multiple items at different temperatures all at the same time.
  • The Lynx exclusive MyChef™ app turns your mobile device into a precision dashboard for your grill. MyChef uses the grill’s temperature sensors and electromechanical gas control valves to keep temperatures at the perfect level for the perfect duration. When it’s time to flip or remove your food, MyChef sends an alert to your mobile device.

If you are ready to go from standard to professional in outdoor grilling, we are ready to take you there as an official Lynx dealer. We have professional design tools ready to help you create the high-quality, long-lasting outdoor kitchen you desire. Come in today or call us at 937.534.1105 begin the transformation from standard to professional!