Thermador’s Masterpiece Collection for the Modern Kitchen

In your kitchen design, you don’t want the look of your appliances to take over the landscape of your kitchen. You also want appliances that help maintain the sleek and contemporary style of your aesthetic and allow you to choose the focal point of your design. The updated Masterpiece Collection from Thermador pairs modern kitchen designs with industry-leading technology.

Thermador Masterpiece Collection

The overall design of the Masterpiece Collection is seamless and finished with metallic silver glass, chrome, and stainless steel accents. The control panel is a fully integrated, vibrant color touchscreen display with diamond beveled edge glass. Linear brushed stainless steel handles with chamfered edges add the final details for this exquisite collection. 

Now you have professional-level cooking available in the same style as your home. Here are some of our favorites in this collection: 

Induction Cooktops feature the largest cooking surface on the market. This innovative induction technology saves time in cooking and is easier to care for and clean than traditional cooking methods. The PowerBoost® feature increases element power by up to 50%, saving time to heat up pots or cook large quantities, and each element has its own shut-off timer, making it easier to coordinate the cooking of multiple dishes. With illuminated touch controls and 17 power settings, cooking is highly precise and allows for easy cleaning when you are finished. Some models also come with WiFi smart appliance capabilities for personalized control, notifications, and remote diagnostics via the Home Connect app.

Gas Cooktops feature one-of-a-kind raised Star® Pedestal burners and a QuickClean Base® for easy cleaning. Patented Star® Burner’s unique five-point design offers more ports and more flame distribution than a round burner and also features a powerful 16,000 BTU center burner for rapid boiling and high heat searing. The continuous grates allow pots and pans to move effortlessly across the cooktop, and electronic re-ignition will automatically re-ignite the burner in case the flame goes out.

Wall Ovens feature SoftClose® Doors to prevent slamming and ensure ultra-smooth closing and a glass window to allow you to see what’s cooking. They also offer some side door options that come with Professional Rotisserie cooking components. With True Convection and 13 heating modes, Thermador ovens give you the convenience of cooking several dishes at the same time without flavor transfer. The self-clean mode cleans interior walls and rack supports in as little as two hours.

You can have all the power of a professional kitchen without the cold, industrial look of stainless steel overpowering your kitchen. You can have the same power with a look that perfectly blends with your modern minimalist style. Come in today to add this collection to your kitchen design!

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