Two Surprise Benefits of Induction Cooktops
Thermdor Liberty induction cooktop with pot and griddle

It may seem like some sort of magic, but once you understand how induction cooking works, you realize that it’s actually pretty simple science. Under the glass cooktop are magnetic coils. When an electrical current passes through these coils it transfers a magnetic field to the pan above it, heating the pan and the food in it; however, it does not heat the additional cooktop surface or the air above the pan. When the pan is removed, the circuit is broken, and the energy transfer stops.

Source: Fine Cooking

Safety First

Induction cooking is gaining popularity with homeowners. One of the biggest benefits of induction cooking is safety, and for families with small children at home, this is a big deal. There’s no preheating or cool down time for burners, which means less time for curious hands to reach for shiny pots on the stove or to accidentally touch a hot burner once the pot is removed.

30% Less Energy

Another big benefit is energy efficiency. According to, induction cooktops use 30% less energy than standard electric cooktops. They also leave much less residual heat in your kitchen –once the pan is removed, there’s almost no heat left on the surface.

Thermador has recently launched the new Liberty™ Induction Cooktop. Featuring 36 inches of cooking space, the new cooktop gives you plenty of room while including all the benefits of induction cooking. Whether you’re making a big pot of soup for your family, prepping multiple dishes for a dinner party, or flipping Sunday morning pancakes on a 16-inch teppanyaki grill, the 11 oval inductors divided into 3 cooking zones means you can do it all.

“With the Liberty Induction Cooktop, Thermador has reimagined the possibilities of induction cooking, providing everything the luxury homeowner needs to take cooking and entertaining to the next level,” said Beatriz Sandoval, Director of Brand Marketing for Thermador. “From the intuitive power level control settings that automatically adjust when cookware is moved from one zone to another, to the beautiful beveled glass design that is as visually stunning as it is functional, the highly innovative cooktop makes an extraordinary statement in every way.”

Thermdor Liberty induction cooktop featuring MoveMode

The new Liberty Induction Cooktop features a host of Thermador-exclusive features, including HeatShift™, which automatically adjusts the heat when a pot is moved across the surface of the cooktop. PanBoost ™ provides just that –a 30-second boost of maximum power, which is automatically lowered to continue cooking. Plus the sleek, modern, beveled glass design makes it easy to clean.

Visit Appliance Gallery to learn more about the benefits of induction cooking for your home and see our complete selection of Thermador Induction Cooktops.

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