Why An Outdoor Kitchen is Worth the Investment

Are you considering adding an outdoor kitchen? Maybe you’re hesitating because you’re wondering just how much value it will add to your home or your life. Here are 4 reasons why an outdoor kitchen is worth the investment.

Wolf Outdoor Kitchen

An Increase in Home Value

One key reason why adding an outdoor kitchen may be a wise investment for you is the fact that it can add significant value to your home. While statistics range from 55% – 200%* for the percentage of return on investment (ROI), one fact is consistent: outdoor kitchens should increase the asking price if you sell your home.

The ROI may vary due to a few factors:

  • Where you live (including climate, which affects how much of the year you can use it)
  • The real estate market at the time you sell
  • How long you’ve had the outdoor kitchen
  • What buyers of your home are looking for
Outdoor Entertaining with Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

New Entertaining Possibilities

Let’s step back from the actual dollar value and talk about the value an outdoor kitchen adds to YOU. When you introduce a custom outdoor kitchen to your home, you can significantly increase your entertaining space beyond the four walls of your house. You can even add specialty appliances like a beer tap and a beverage refrigerator to make your outdoor kitchen usable beyond cooking.

With a thoughtfully designed outdoor space, the entertaining possibilities are endless! Chat with the book club over snacks and coffee on a nice afternoon. Visit with family over a home-cooked dinner at sunset. You could even enjoy the ball game on your outdoor TV with friends on a crisp autumn afternoon without having to go inside to miss a play.

ExpandEd Cooking Options

Indoor kitchens are great. But there’s a lot you can’t do in the traditional kitchen. Open a whole new culinary world with a grill, hearth oven, smoker, and more! Find a fun cookbook for your new outdoor kitchen appliances and explore. You’ll discover grills and smokers are for more than just meat (although they do make delectable meat!), and hearth ovens can cook so much more than incredible wood-fired pizza.

Alfresco Versa Wok

The Convenience of a Second Kitchen

We’ve all had them…those days when you’re cooking and there is just not enough space. There’s not enough counter and prep space, not enough cooling space, not enough oven space, and not enough range space! It’s frustrating and exhausting trying to time and plan what gets made and when. And it’s annoying knowing that not everything can be ready at the same time.

Stop fretting over cold dishes or reheated food that’s lost its texture. Use your outdoor kitchen as a second kitchen!

Let Us Help with Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of investing in an outdoor kitchen, the team at Appliance Gallery is ready to help! We know a thing or two about outdoor kitchen appliances. We’ll listen to your needs and help you select the perfect pieces for your outdoor space.

*Sources: Rock Water Farm, Homes & Gardens, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, SuperMoney

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