Your Outdoor Dream Space

Spending time at home together is more important than ever. Now is the time to invest in making your home the retreat you want it to be. With the warmer weather, an outdoor kitchen can add exactly what you need to help you enjoy more time together outdoors. Whether feeding your family or entertaining friends, we have everything you need to create an amazing culinary experience. As an Alfresco authorized dealer, we can offer you the luxury you are looking for in an outdoor kitchen.

Alfresco Versa Wok

Step 1: Consider Your Space

The first step is to consider your outdoor space. Alfresco has several videos to inspire your dreams, and you can choose from their Kitchen Gallery the style of kitchen that matches your space. Whether you have a round space or rectangular, they have a design for you. Browse from styles that include the basic appliances or expand your design to include bar seating so that everyone can be a part of the culinary action. No matter what your space is like, they have a design for you.

Step 2: Consider Your Culinary Style

Pretty much anything you have can be duplicated in an outdoor kitchen; choose the appliances that support your culinary style. Here are some of our favorites from Alfresco that can fit your style:

  • Grills – Alfresco offers a 30-inch grill all the way up to 56-inch deluxe grills. The grills also come with multiple options for customization, including a steamer/fryer/ pasta cooker, a commercial griddle, or an indirect roasting pod. They also have options to add in your own solid fuel source like charcoal or wood pellets to add more flavor to your cooking.
Alresco built-in Pizza Oven
  • Pizza Oven – If pizza is a main staple of your culinary style, you can bake it outside without heating up your kitchen. These ovens allow you to bake bread or other items while you are managing the grill. With the oven outside, you never have to leave the party to go inside.
  • Versa Burner and Side Burners – If you want to stick with gas cooking but bring it outside, then add these burners to your kitchen. Not only can the Versa Burner simmer at 4000 BTUs, but it can also deliver up to 65,000 BTUs. It’s perfect for cooking with a wok or holding your largest stockpot for a big batch of gumbo.
Alfresco outdoor Refrigerator

Step 3: Consider Convenience

Alfresco offers several other pieces that add to the convenience of cooking outside. Some of our favorites include a pot filler faucet that can adjust from 10 to 14 inches or a Versa Sink that is part sink and part complete bar. You might also add an outdoor refrigerator or an ice drawer to keep things cool. If you want to keep all the dishes warm in order to serve at the same time, consider adding a warming drawer. They also offer special stainless steel storage drawers or specially designed prep areas to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Step 4: Find the Right Partners

This is obviously a project you can’t complete on your own. But once you know where you are going, all you need is to find the right partners. You want people who are authorized dealers with reputations you can trust. You want contractors who are licensed and insured to help bring your vision to life.

Now that you have considered your space, your style, and the conveniences that are the most important to you, it’s time to partner with us so that we can help you bring it all together. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way.

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