How Fisher & Paykel Has Mastered Sophistication and Sustainability

If you’ve ever explored Fisher & Paykel’s line of luxury appliances firsthand, you’ve seen and perhaps experienced appliance excellence. Every Fisher & Paykel product is designed with a nod to innovation, elegance, ease, and sustainability. Born of a response to and in anticipation of global climate change, this luxury appliance brand is motivated to create top-of-the-line products for discerning homeowners that not only outlast their competitors, but also that are made and perform with sustainability at top of mind.

Fisher & Paykel

Thoughtful Manufacturing

In a world that hustles to manufacture goods at any cost, from fast fashion to single-use products, Fisher & Paykel strives to be the opposite. One of their five design pillars is “Built to Last.” Their appliances are made with the finest materials using the most thoughtful manufacturing methods. When a consumer buys one product that outlasts a mid-level product of the same type by years, the sum total of resources required to make, deliver, and operate that top-tier product are countless times fewer, thereby making a smaller impact on the earth. 

Efficient Performance

Another design pillar that guides Fisher & Paykel’s product conception is “Gentle on the Planet.” Each product iteration is refined to be more efficient, and the complete line of products reflects that in its design and operation. The Fisher & Paykel Induction Range, for example, uses state-of-the-art induction heating that uses zero fossil fuels. And with four separate cook zones, precision cooking ensures the perfect dish every time. The company’s line of refrigerators also incorporates sustainability with features like ActiveSmart technology and separate temperature zones, both of which keep food fresher for longer, thereby decreasing food waste.


Finally, before any product is ever conceived, the notion of sustainability already establishes the foundation for thoughtful design. Since its founding nearly 100 years ago, Fisher & Paykel has built its reputation on being a people-centered, design-focused company. It’s this holistic and thoughtful approach to product conception and creation that drives the company and its people to make products that have a positive impact on their customers’ daily lives as well as the world they live in. These two facets—people and planet—are undeniably intertwined, and it’s that belief that drives Fisher & Paykel in its commitment to doing better, for its customers and the earth.

When you’re ready to explore Fisher & Paykel’s line of sustainable luxury appliances, stop by Appliance Gallery where one of our sales professionals will be happy to help. Also, be sure to ask about available rebates on select Fisher & Paykel products.

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