Human-Centered Design in the Kitchen

Only one company in the world could pull off the concept of Human-Centered Design in the kitchen: Fisher & Paykel. Some may consider them rebellious because they push the limits and do what should not be done in kitchen appliance manufacturing. But we think they deserve more credit. 

Fisher & Paykel believes that curiosity is the foundation of excellence. They were founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity and have built their legacy with a future focus that still stays true to the fundamentals of sustainable design. They believe technology should always begin with the people who use it. 

Fisher & Paykel kitchen

The kitchen is no longer just a place where food is made. It is where we meet to talk about our day, where homework is done, where we engage and interact as families and friends. The idea of the Social Kitchen underpins their design philosophy in developing flexible appliances that can be distributed throughout your kitchen and tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. Fisher & Paykel has a deep understanding of patterns of use. 

Kitchen design should respect and reflect these patterns in their layout and in appliances that provide flexibility. That flexibility allows us to shift between the different requirements we have of our kitchens. They deliver to their customers the freedom to create, unencumbered by the restrictions of their appliance. In a series of extremely smart and simple engineering steps, Fisher & Paykel have used cutting edge technology in their appliances and designed with you in mind.  

Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer

DishDrawer™ As they were developing the washer technology, a new product was evolving – a dishwasher in a drawer. Over time, Fisher & Paykel has become one of the few manufacturers to refine and perfect this technology to create the quietest, most efficient, and best cleaning 7th generation DishDrawer™. With the ergonomic convenience of drawer accessibility and split-load capability, the Double DishDrawer™ is perfect for a busy household. 

Smart Drive™ – The Fisher & Paykel engineers took the technology from their assembly lines and used it to innovate other driving appliances. This led to the development of the revolutionary Smart Drive™ technology, the platform for all of their washing machine ranges. For their customers, this provides a gentle, quiet, and efficient combination of smart electronics and a direct drive motor that senses the load in order to deliver better fabric care.

Fisher & Paykel refrigeration

ActiveSmart™ In refrigeration, world-first ActiveSmart™ technology was developed that improves refrigerator performance. ActiveSmart™ continuously adjusts the flow of cold air into your fridge and freezer by responding to your daily use and climatic conditions, ensuring it constantly maintains optimum temperatures throughout your fridge for the freshest, finest, nutrient-rich foods.

CookSurface™ In cooking, they developed CookSurface™ where retractable trivets allow a flat ceramic glass surface to ensure easy cleaning in a gas cooktop. 

Fisher & Paykel cool drawer

CoolDrawer™ – Taking the idea of the flexible DishDrawer™ and ActiveSmart™ refrigeration technology, their engineers developed the CoolDrawer™, a multi-temperature drawer-based fridge. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, home or entertainment area and provides five temperature settings to deliver total flexibility – fridge, freezer, chill, pantry, and wine mode, combining intelligence with convenience.

The best innovators don’t just understand technology, they understand people, and no one does it like Fisher & Paykel. This is why chefs like Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Peter Gordon are ambassadors for their brand. They have used Fisher & Paykel in their own kitchens to bring a professional level of cooking into their homes. You can too when you purchase from this innovative manufacturer.

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