Make the Holidays a Breeze With Bosch
Bosch industrial range

It’s the time of year when people begin making plans for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re expecting a crowd this year, you definitely want your kitchen in top form—including your appliances. 

Bosch is a premium appliance brand that is perhaps most well-known for its award-winning dishwashers. But when it comes to feeding your loved ones, don’t overlook Bosch’s impressive selection of industrial-style ranges. Choose from three freestanding models: Induction, Dual Fuel, and Gas. Each offers the performance of a commercial-grade range with the sleek industrial look—complete with heavy-duty metal knobs and stainless steel design—that discerning homeowners love.

800 Series, Induction freestanding range, 36'', Stainless Steel

Available in both 30- and 36-inch sizes, the 800 Series Induction Freestanding Ranges feature an “industrial-chic” look with a smooth, black enamel induction cooktop. Both models offer a spacious multi-rack convection oven that features a third heating element to ensure smooth, evenly distributed heat. And the stain- and scratch-resistant surfaces are easy to clean.

800 Series, Gas Freestanding Range, 36'', Black Stainless Steel

The Dual Fuel and gas ranges feature OptiSimⓇ Burner caps, which are wider and thicker, offering more flame control at the lowest settings. The Dual Flame Ring Power Burner allows for better heat distribution and more uniform cooking. One burner takes you from high power for boiling and searing to one small flame for simmering. The porcelain-enameled surfaces and grates are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. And the high-efficiency burners use less gas BTUs for faster boiling, resulting in time and energy savings. The Dual Fuel model features a five-burner gas cooktop and convection oven for added flexibility.

When your family arrives this holiday season, spend more time together and less time in the kitchen with the advanced technology and performance of a Bosch industrial-style range. Stop by Appliance Gallery to explore your options.

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