Steam Ovens: A Delicious Way to Eat through the Holiday

At this time of year, the calendar gets just as packed as your refrigerator. From holiday parties and cookie exchanges to leftovers from large meals, a steam oven can make it all better. Here are a few of our favorite steam oven tips for the holidays:

Bosch Benchmark Steam Oven Cookies

Save time cooking and get more time with guests.

steam oven prepares food in about two-thirds the time of the conventional oven. Less time waiting for your food to cook means more time for you to enjoy your guests. Plus the food will look and taste great!

Make perfect holiday cookies and desserts.

The steam makes perfectly moist cookies to perfect your holiday recipes. Cakes and bread also bake to perfection and in less time than a conventional oven.

Use the steam oven to re-heat leftovers.

After a big holiday meal, the leftovers can go for days. In steam cooking, moisture gets added back into the food instead of getting taken out. The moisture also locks in all the nutrients to keep food healthy and full of flavor.

If you want to steam cook your way through the holiday, come in and see us at Appliance Gallery. We would love to show you a more delicious way to eat with steam cooking.



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