The Beauty of Choice

Fisher & Paykel appliances are crafted to deliver absolute design freedom through the choice of different aesthetic styles and configurations, forming the foundation of beautifully considered kitchens. Choose from the following styles to craft a kitchen that compliments your unique personality.  

Professional Kitchen

Inspired by the power and durability of commercial appliances, Professional-style appliances offer refined performance and robust stainless steel designs. LED halo-illuminated dials ensure heating precision from exceptionally powerful burners on every range. Refrigeration appliances offer bold handle designs and uncompromised performance. Choose the Professional collection if you seek the power of a commercial kitchen in your home.  

Contemporary Kitchen

Offering the perfect match for a modern kitchen, the Contemporary line of appliances presents a timeless aesthetic featuring clean lines. Bold yet complementary tonal contrasts bring an enduring quality to your cooking space while signature design elements are reflected seamlessly across appliances. From ovens and ranges to refrigeration, Contemporary appliances offer signature design features and are built to match. 

Classic Kitchen

Classic style appliances meet the demands of serious home cooks who seek modern performance and designs that make a statement. Offering the perfect blend of a heritage aesthetic, Classic ranges come in an array of colors, so you can choose the ideal centerpiece for your unique kitchen. Expressive, electric, and bold, Classic appliances from Fisher & Paykel bring a touch of modernity to traditional homes and ensure quality in every detail. 

Minimal Kitchen

Celebrate a singular aesthetic with Minimal style appliances that blend into the surrounding design seamlessly. The style of Minimal appliances is designed by a single color palette, offering a pure and purposeful look. Subtle differences in material mixtures and tone allow other kitchen design elements to take the lead while delicate details reveal themselves upon closer inspection. Choose the Minimal style if you fancy a sense of refinement and purity that compliments a suite of integrated style appliances.  

Design your dream kitchen package with Fisher & Paykel and receive a 5% mail-in rebate when you spend $10,000 or more. In addition, you can also receive a 5-year warranty on all products purchased. Visit an Appliance Gallery expert to learn more about the beauty and functionality each Fisher & Paykel style has to offer.

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