The Benefits of an Outdoor Oven

When you are building or upgrading your outdoor kitchen, an outdoor pizza and bread oven is a great addition. It can serve as the focal point of your outdoor kitchen and provide a great reason for your guests to gather outdoors. These are growing in popularity, especially for families.

Lynx Napoli Oven

Here are some of our favorite reasons to add an oven to your outdoor space:

Easy to Install or Add to an Existing Outdoor Kitchen

All you need is a sturdy base made of stainless steel or concrete and some type of stone or brick. They are also relatively easy to work into outdoor kitchen design plans and can be integrated into your existing outdoor kitchen design. Napoli ovens from Lynx even have a reversible top chimney that can vent to the front or the back.

Great for Entertaining Any Time of the Year

Pizza night takes on a whole new dimension when your guests can build their own custom pizzas and gather around a warm oven to watch them bake. In the summer, you avoid excessive heat in your home, and gathering outside in the chilly spring or fall months can also provide a unique dining experience for your guests. The Alfresco models have glass doors, so your guests can see their food while it’s cooking.

Higher Temperatures

Outdoor ovens can get too much higher temperatures than your indoor oven. Pizza has a whole different flavor when it’s cooked at 900-degrees rather than 400. Outdoor ovens can preheat in just fifteen minutes and then cook your food hotter and faster than your indoor oven. For example, the Alfresco oven can preheat in just 15 minutes and reach temperatures over 1,000 degrees.

Faster Cooking

The higher temperature allows you to cook food faster. This helps get dinner on the table faster for your hungry family and also allows food to maintain more of its natural flavor and nutrition. The Napoli oven from Lynx also offers infrared heat to give you maximum control.

For all of these reasons, an outdoor oven is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. We know that you and your family will love having access to one. If you are ready to add this stunning piece to your outdoor kitchen, we can help you find one that’s right for you.

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