Compact Luxury: Recommended Refrigeration Appliances from Thermador

You know that one of the biggest items in any kitchen is the refrigerator, and the size automatically makes it the main focus of your kitchen. If you have limited space in an apartment or an urban loft, you don’t want a refrigerator to take up so much space and attention. You may be tempted to believe that you have to sacrifice quality in order to size down your refrigeration. But Thermador appliances offer the best refrigeration solutions for any size kitchen.

Thermador Compact Space

Here are our recommended refrigeration appliances from Thermador, specifically designed for compact kitchens.

  • The 30-inch Built-in Two-Door Bottom Freezer combines its unparalleled refrigerator and freezer into one pre-assembled unit. Produce Bins provide expanded storage and protect sensitive fruits and vegetables, and the filtered automatic ice maker features Diamond Ice made with twist tray technology. The 30-inch size pairs nicely and provides symmetry with the 30-inch cooking appliances.
  • The 24-inch Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator/Freezer is an even more convenient way to bring refrigeration into your compact kitchen. With the drawers, you eliminate large, swinging doors that can take up a lot of extra space and release a lot of cold air. With customizable drawer dividers and shelving, a door open alarm, and a filtered automatic ice maker, this appliance offers everything you would expect from a larger fridge. This is also panel ready to perfectly match your existing cabinetry and keep a large, hulking fridge from becoming the focal point of your kitchen design.
  • The 18-inch Wine Column or the 24-inch Under Counter Wine Reserve add a special touch of luxury to your refrigeration options. Both models provide different adjustable temperature zones to ensure that your wine is stored properly. SoftClose® door hinges and SoftClose® drawers enable ultra-smooth closing in order to limit movement and maximize the life and taste of your finest wines.

When you go into a compact kitchen, you should have all the luxury you expect from your refrigeration appliances. No matter the size or configuration of your space, Thermador has an option designed to fit your needs. Come in today to see everything that Thermador has to help you get the compact kitchen of your dreams!

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